forgotten families

I have always wondered why it was that those who worked the hardest all their lives could end up in a paupers grave?

During the period in dublin when there was the great northern railway company/Southern districts tramway company/Dublin united trams and the no.43 Bus in 1945 was there anybody by the name of “dwey”{could have the name spelled wrong}working for any of these companies?I can ask these questions now because everyone is dead that this blog or log relates too.Patrick hand and his wife Mary hand{Lee} lived and reared their children in 74 Francis st.dublin 8,before been moved to crumlin.It strikes me that these families had to struggle so much while been on this earth and after they die their life is erased by the passage of time,while some of the worlds worse tyrants are remembered,and even today the most corrupt are defended by their elitest cronies.So i would like to find out why it is that whole generations of families can be forgotten.My grandfather and grandmother are buried in mountjerome patrick in A39-503 drummonds walk Mary is in A34-503 north walk,my granny died on 9th dec,1962{i was working in bartleys mattress factory in francis st.when she died}my grandfather died on 17th,june 1971.He worked hard all his life but ended up been buried in a different grave to his wife?My uncle johnnie died in london in a place called tower hamlets on 12th,jan 1984.He too ended up in a paupers grave?Paddy the alleged rich uncle died in london on 16th of nov,2003 i spread his ashes in howth where he hoped to live mother died on 13th,april 2006 she is buried with my father who died on 7thfeb 1972.{he suffered for many years with t.b. he was in blanchardstown hospital june 1963}My uncle mick died in manchester on 22th,june 2006.My aunt catherine”kathleen”died on 17th,nov.2007.So my quest is to find out how life treated them and why and also how has it affected those who are of their bloodline in todays enlightened world.Posted by paddy the liberties”1281”


~ by sprit2008 on March 7, 2008.

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